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If it has been a long time since you have seen your child is there any provisions under Utah law that help you see your child more or make up the time that you have not had? The answer is yes, it is Utah Code Annotated 30-3-36. This statute sets the stage for when a parent has not seen their child in a significant amount of time. This statute states that if it has been awhile since one parent has seen the child that the courts and parties need to introduce and put into affect a parenting plan or schedule that will allow the child to get comfortable with that parent again. This means that the court wants you and your child to have a significant relationship that cannot and should not be cut off by the other parent.

What you will need to do if it has been awhile since you have seen your child is petition the court for a hearing to establish a temporary parenting plan that will get you back on the road to significant and meaningful time with your child. The reason why you are probably going to have to get the court involved is because usually a parent is not going to give up parent time by just asking. Sometimes people need to hear it from a judge before they do it.

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