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What is a Child Custody Evaluation 

A child custody evaluation usually occurs in a divorce action that involves children. In Utah, a child custody evaluation gets ordered at a temporary orders hearing or by motion by either side. One important factor or evidence that gets admitted through the child custody evaluation in your divorce is what is called hearsay evidence. This is evidence that is communicated to the child custody evaluator by the child or children in your divorce. This essentially gives your children a voice in the divorce court proceedings through the evaluator. The difference is that the evaluator in your divorce is going to give a professional opinion as to the best interest of your child or children as it pertains to custody and a parenting plan. This can affect the custody and parent time you have with your child or children in your divorce.

Results from a Child Custody Evaluation

The child custody evaluator will do an evaluation in your Utah divorce and then will meet with both parents (with their divorce lawyers) for what is called a 4-903 conference. This 4-903 conference is really another mediation, but the difference is the evaluator will give their opinion as to what the custody should be and then you will mediate your divorce with your lawyer in a separate room. This mediation can occur at the court house or the law office of one of the divorce attorneys. The purpose is to allow you see what the opinion of the child custody evaluator as it pertains to your children and hopefully that will allow you to settle your divorce as it pertains to custody and parenting time. Sometimes this mediation works and sometimes it fails.

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At Arnold & Wadsworth we have divorce lawyers that have experience with child custody evaluations in divorce actions. Call (801) 475-0123 today for a free consultation. Our divorce lawyers will assess your situation to make sure you are considering all angles and opportunities in your divorce action.

Divorce and Mediation in Utah | Salt Lake Divorce Lawyers

A question that we at Arnold & Wadsworth get a lot is whether mediation is required when it comes to a divorce. The answer is Yes. It is also required if you file a petition for a divorce modification. The reasons that it is required in a divorce situation in Utah is because the hope is that you know what is best for you life including your children’s lives. Lets face it, no one knows your spouse or ex-spouse better than you. Sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes it can be bad. The Courts hope that you will use this knowledge to get a good outcome, even if you have to be creative in order to get that outcome in your divorce case.

You are allowed to have your divorce lawyer with you at the mediation. This can be a great source of legal wisdom. The divorce lawyer can tell you if you are on the right track or even if they think the resolution you are getting is legally viable. Another important function of a divorce lawyer at mediation is that they can educate you on what a divorce trial would entail and what kind of possible outcomes you would be facing. At Arnold & Wadsworth our divorce lawyers are always trying to educate our clients on the divorce process and laws in Utah. This knowledge will enable you to make better decisions throughout the process.

If you would like to look at some of our reviews when it comes to divorce click HERE to see Brian Arnold’s reviews.

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With the new discovery rules in Utah when it comes to divorce it is harder for spouses to hide assets and money. The discovery rules allow people to save money on attorney fees while getting a general outlook on their divorce financially. This does not mean that your divorce attorney will not have to do discovery but for those that have been separated for a while this will help them find out what has been going on financially. Some things that are included to be given to each Party are;

  1. 3 months of bank statements
  2. 1 year of pay stubs
  3. Recent tax returns
  4. Proof of an bills that your paying
  5. Proof of any debt alleged as part of the marriage

Such things that are usually included are mortgage statements, and any other documentation that tends to prove an assets value. This will help you either settle your divorce faster or give you a plan moving forward in your divorce. These financial documents will also help you prepare for Temporary Orders or an Order to Show Cause. Make sure that you give your attorney all the proper paperwork in order to allow them to protect your legal interests in your divorce. Gather the information as quickly as you can so that you can move forward.

At Arnold & Wadsworth we offer a free consultation. We will take the time to sit down with you and find out about your situation. We will instruct you on what we need and what is relevant. This will help you make better decisions as you move forward. If you have questions make sure you ask! Thanks for reading our post and make sure you leave a comment. As Utah Divorce Lawyers we are here to help.

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