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Arnold & Wadsworth has divorce lawyers that can help you with your legal needs when it comes to child custody, and support. The family law attorneys at Arnold & Wadsworth offer a free consultation at one of their convenient locations. There are offices in Salt Lake City and Ogden Utah. If you are facing a high conflict divorce where you are fighting for custody give us a call today for your free consultation at (801) 475-0123.

Stability for Children in Divorce

You hear it all the time, “the children need stability” and “best interest of the children.” How does this all apply to your divorce situation. According to one study “Living in one location (geographic stability) ensures only one type of stability. Stability is also created for infants (and older children) by the predictable comings and goings of both parents, regular feeding and sleeping schedules, consistent and appropriate care, and affection and acceptance (Kelly, 1997).” Stability usually applies to small children. Therefore if small and older children are involved the smaller children may be the key to custody because the court is not going to split up the children because that goes against one of the considerations that child custody evaluators look at under Rule 4-903 in Utah. If you are facing a situation where the age and stability of the children is being argued you need to make sure you understand the facts and clearly present them to the judge. If you don’t clearly present your case to the judge you run the risk of the court not recognizing your situation and what is in the best interest of the children. Call your Salt Lake City Divorce Lawyers today for a free consultation to make sure you are protecting your rights as a parent.


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