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Going through a divorce in Utah is stressful. When your divorce in Salt Lake City involves children then your stress level is multiplied. The divorce lawyers at Arnold & Wadsworth are here to help you get the best result out of your divorce. Child custody in a divorce revolves around the “best interest” of the children. You will need to establish that by you having custody of your children it is in their best interest. You need to know how to present your case in a clear manner in order for the divorce courts in Utah to understand your argument, and why you having custody is in the best interest of the children.

There is also a financial aspect to your divorce in Utah. In a divorce in Utah you will be required to give an accounting of your finances in order to establish child support, and debt allocation. The issue of alimony may also be an issue in your divorce. The judges in Salt Lake City will review the financials and decide how to allocate the debt and child support. The child support will be decided by a child support calculator after imputing both incomes or arguing for higher incomes for the people getting a divorce.

Call today for a free consultation. Our divorce lawyers in Salt Lake City are ready to help you get what your deserve from your divorce. We look forward to meeting with you.

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