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Did you know that if your ex-spouse is violating your divorce decree that you should do a An Order to Show Cause and that you may be entitled to Attorney Fees. Yes, you may get your attorney fees. If your spouse has violated your divorce decree Utah Law allows you to get attorney fees.

Utah Code Annotated 78B-6-311 – If you are able to show your rights have been violated the Court can award you attorney fees under this statute. We offer a flat fee in order to help you have predictability in your attorney fees.  Give us a call for a free consultation today. (801) 475-0123. You can also email Brian Arnold at

Case Law involving the Statute:

Civil contempt may be used to compensate contemnor’s adversary for injuries resulting from contemnor’s noncompliance with court order.  Reliance Ins. Co. v. Mast Const. Co., 1998, 159 F.3d 1311.Contempt

Actual loss is measure of compensatory damages for civil contempt.  In re Reed, 1981, 11 B.R. 258.Contempt

District court is not limited to statutory sanction for contempt as sole means of enforcing court’s judgments and orders in antidiscrimination cases, but, rather, powers granted by statute to the Industrial Commission may also be exercised by court in such cases.  U.C.A.1953, 78-32-11.  Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc. v. Industrial Com’n, 1978, 583 P.2d 53.Civil Rights

In contempt action, any actual loss suffered by party aggrieved may be recovered if caused by other party through his contemptuous acts. Utah Code 1943, 104-45-11.  Foreman v. Foreman, 1946, 111 Utah 72, 176 P.2d 144.Contempt

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