Child Custody in Utah – Divorce

We have helped clients with their child custody needs. This is something that is very important, this defines your schedule with your children moving forward.

There are two types of custody in Utah

  1. Physical Custody – This can be joint or sole. There may also be “primary physical” custody in a joint custody scenario. What this means is that the person with the primary physical custody will have the kids go to schools, etc based on their address.
  2. Legal Custody – This can also be joint or sole. The important factor here is that you at least want joint in this category. The reason for this is you want to be able to be part of your child’s life when it comes to decision making. The important decision making process is for religion, medical, school, etc. You cannot miss this custody.

Both of these custody considerations affect parent time, and child support. You need to fight for want you want. These are your kids and you should get the time you want. Give us a call today for a free consultation (801) 475-0123.


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